Anant Sudarshan

Anant Sudarshan is a Giorgio Ruffolo Post-doctoral Fellow in the Sustainability Science Program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He works at the intersection of energy policy, behavioral science, environmental economics, and engineering. He holds undergraduate and masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi and Stanford University respectively. He received his PhD in Management Science and Engineering, focusing on energy economics, from Stanford University in March 2011. His doctoral research explored the determinants of residential energy consumption and the role California efficiency policies had in reducing energy intensity in the state. He has also carried out field trials to understand the effects of providing real time electricity consumption feedback to households. This work is part of a broader agenda aimed at understanding how different incentive structures - both financial and behavioral - can be used to change household energy behaviors.  His present research includes an ambitious project to design and evaluate a pilot emissions trading program for Indian industry in partnership with India’s Ministry for Environment and Forests.

Researcher's Grant Projects

This project tests whether greater knowledge of pollution data, for regulators and for the public, can make regulation more effective in the Indian energy sector.
Researchers: Rohini Pande, Michael Greenstone, Nick Ryan, Anant Sudarshan
Grants Round: Special ERG - Scale-up
Country: India
PEDL themes:
This project seeks to provide experimental evidence on the relationship between electricity supply and small business creation and growth.
Researchers: Robin Burgess, Michael Greenstone, Nick Ryan, Anant Sudarshan
Grants Round: 4th MRG Round
Country: India
Focusing on the Environmental Clearance law in India, this project aims to build a series of unique datasets in order to shed light on the effects of regulatory costs on the private sector.
Researchers: Rohini Pande, Anant Sudarshan
Grants Round: 19th Round
Country: India
Together with Indian environmental regulators, the research team investigates whether public disclosure of information on industrial emissions and the use of information technology can improve regulatory performance, industrial compliance, and industrial efficiency. 
Researchers: Rohini Pande, Michael Greenstone, Nick Ryan, Anant Sudarshan
Grants Round: 11th round
Country: India