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A CEPR / DFID Research Initiative

By collecting new data on a sample of Nigerian importers, this project shows how frequent, costly travel by Nigerian traders to meet with suppliers abroad is symptomatic of underlying information problems.
By conducting a randomized controlled trial in large garment factory in India, this project shows how an in-depth soft skills training programme aimed at empowering low-skilled female labourers had sustained positive impacts on a range of workplace outcomes
Using Myanmar's rapid opening up to foreign trade after 2011, this project finds that exporting has large positive impacts on working conditions in terms of improved fire safety, healthcare, union recognition and wages.
Exploring the impact of supply chain risk in Sub-Saharan Africa, this project shows how business actors confronted with unreliable supply chains specialize into producing less complex goods.
In contrast to commonly articulated views, this study finds that Brazil's inequality decline was driven by a compression of pay differences between firms, rather than by changes in the distribution of firm productivity.

Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries (PEDL) is a joint research initiative of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and the Department For International Development (DFID). It offers a competitive research grants scheme for projects related to the behaviour of firms in Low-Income Countries (LICs) that aim to better understand what determines the strength of market forces driving efficiency in these countries.

Since the launch of the initiative in December 2011, 90 Exploratory Grants, 29 Major Grants and 41 Special Exploratory Grants have been awarded, ranging from business transformation in low-income countries to market incentives and efficiency.

An important criterion for funding of grant proposals is their relevance to policy in LICs and other eligible countries as defined by the PEDL programme. For more information on our grants, please see our Funding page.