Daniel Keniston

Daniel Keniston is an assistant professor of Economics at Yale University. His research focuses largely on the role and structure of markets in developing countries, with other interests in governance, technology adoption, and economic history. He has worked in the Caribbean, Africa, and South Asia, with particular emphasis on India. He finished his BA at Yale in 2004 and his PhD at MIT in 2011.

Research Grant Projects

The goal of this project is to gain further insight into the low productivity of firms in developing countries, and why competitive forces have not led to stronger selective pressures.
Under a broader study of the Indian clay brick industry, this project quantifies the extent to which product quality explains differences in productivity and investigates the determinants of firms' choices of quality.
This project identifies competitor and supply chain markets and the horizontal and vertical interactions of sample firms to study the impacts of credit on SMEs.
This detailed study of the Indian brick industry allows for reliable estimates of firm productivity, disentangling competing explanations of variations in revenue and output across firms such as capital misallocation, market power, and adjustment costs.