David Schoenholzer

University of California, Berkeley

David SchoenholzerDavid Schoenholzer is a Ph.D. student at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to Berkeley, David completed an M.Sc. in Statistics from ETH Zurich, and a M.Sc. in Economics, with Distinction, from the University College of London, where he received a prize for the Highest Dissertation Mark. 

Research Grant Projects

This project expands a previous intervention that implemented a fleet management system in Kenya’s semi-formal public transport system along three margins: possible negative effects of the tracking system, role of cash incentives in enhancing safety and increasing duration and participation to the pilot.
This project will provide monitoring technology to SMEs in a randomized controlled trial to improve their ability to write effective contracts with their employees.
A field experiment to fit Kenyan minibuses with GPS fleet management technology will provide information about the effect of monitoring on market frictions and negative externalities due to driver behaviour.