Exploratory Research Grant Projects

Exploratory Research Grants are awarded to successful applicants every two months. Projects are chosen based on scientific merit, methodological rigour and policy relevance.

This project aims to improve the understanding of reasons underlying the success of footwear-exporting private enterprises from China by building a dynamic structural model of firm demand and innovative data collective involving pilot studies.
Grants Round: 1st Round
Country: China
This project seeks to understand the recent impact on Ethiopia's leather value chain of investment and growing interest from predominantly Asian/Chinese firms in order to inform policies to foster productivity-enhancing linkages between foreign and local firms. 
Grants Round: 1st Round
Country: Ethiopia
Through an experimental intervention of providing business training and improved credit access to entrepreneurs, this project seeks to examine the dynamics of how managerial capital helps transform businesses from micro to small-sized enterprises and from small to medium-sized enterprises.
Grants Round: 1st Round
Country: South Africa
Cross-cutting themes: Gender
Does trade and FDI liberalization promote sustainable economic growth in developing countries? Does this come at the expense of the safety of local workers? This project assesses these significant economic questions. 
Grants Round: Special ERG - PhD
Country: Myanmar
This project evaluates the impact of employer-sponsored soft skills training on worker quality, productivity and retention.
Grants Round: 9th Round
Country: India
Cross-cutting themes: Gender