Meredith Startz

Meredith Startz is a PhD student in Economics at Yale University. Prior to beginning her PhD, Meredith worked at Innovations for Poverty Action, first on microfinance projects in the Philippines and later helping to launch a new research initiative on small and medium enterprises. Before that, she was an analyst at Redstone Strategy Group, where she consulted to major philanthropies on issues related to global health and development. She is the recipient of a 2011 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and a 2013 Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship. 

Researcher's Grant Projects

This project aims to identify the information costs of trade by focusing on business travel of Nigerian traders to their Chinese suppliers and building a panel data set to facilitate this analysis. 
Researchers: Meredith Startz, Shelby Grossman
Grants Round: 15th Round
Country: Nigeria
This study builds on an earlier ERG project to carefully examine the causal mechanisms by which business skills training affects business outcomes using high frequency follow-up surveys.
Researchers: Greg Fischer, Dean Karlan, Meredith Startz
Grants Round: 2nd MRG round
Country: Uganda
Cross-cutting themes: Gender
By examining Kenyan textile firms, the researcher analyzes the relationship between low-tech innovation, or 'tinkering', and within-firm incentives as well as productivity. 
Researchers: Meredith Startz
Grants Round: Special ERG - PhD
Country: Kenya
This research identifies the changes in business processes resulting from technical assistance and business skills training to female entrepreneurs in Central Uganda.
Researchers: Greg Fischer, Dean Karlan, Meredith Startz
Grants Round: 5th Round
Country: Uganda
Cross-cutting themes: Gender