Natalia Rigol

Natalia Rigol is a PhD Candidate in Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, following a MA in Economics from MIT and a BA in Economics from Harvard. Her main areas of research are linked to finance and microentrepreneurship, loan and farming contracts, health, gender economics, and focuses mainly on India. She is the recipient of a number of research grants and awards such as the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship and Centre for International Development grant.

Researcher's Grant Projects

This project attempts to utilise community information to identify high-potential entrepreneurs who can transition their micro-enterprises into SMEs.  
Researchers: Natalia Rigol, Reshmaan Hussam, Benjamin Roth
Grants Round: Special ERG - Scale-up
Country: India
Building on a previous randomized experiment that assessed the impact of reduced liquidity needs on investment in microenterprises and enterprise growth, this project investigates on a deeper level the effect of including liquidity grace periods in credit contracts.
Researchers: Rohini Pande, Erica Field, Natalia Rigol
Grants Round: 6th Round
Country: India
Cross-cutting themes: Gender