Selim Gulesci

Selim Gulesci is Assistant Professor in Economics at Bocconi University in Italy. His main research interests are in Development Economics, Labour Economics and Public Policy. He holds Ph.D. in Economics from LSE, M.Sc. in Economics from LSE and B.Sc. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering with Minor Honours in Mathematics Sabanci University, Istanbul.

Research Grant Projects

The central aim of this project is to identify the impact of introducing a flexible loan contract on the credit market.
A randomized pilot experiment of BRAC Microfinance’s new flexible loan contract provides information on credit take-up, the pool of borrowers, and the potential for moral hazard abatement among microfinance borrowers. 
This investigation aims to provide evidence on the effect of credit contract terms on nascent firms' use of inputs, profits, and repayment performance through a rigorous pilot survey.