The 1st Call for Major Research Grants is now closed

The 1st Call for Major Research Grants under the PEDL initiative is now closed.

Over the next five years, Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries (PEDL) will pursue a research agenda that aims to better understand what determines the strength of market forces driving efficiency in Low-Income Countries (LICs). Existing research suggests that the private sector in LICs faces a multitude of constraints that act upon each other. What is needed is research that allows us to understand how these constraints interact.

PEDL will support approaches that promise to produce credible research results that will be useful for policy-making. It will promote research related to firms of all sizes. PEDL focuses on four research themes:

  • Modelling market frictions in LICs using newly available data
  • Understanding how constraints interact using micro-founded macro models
  • The dynamics of SMEs: Informality and entrepreneurship
  • The role of export-oriented industries in driving growth

PEDL will encourage proposals that address cross-cutting issues such as:

  • Fragile and conflict affected states
  • Gender
  • Climate, environment and social compliance

The deadline for the submission was 16th April 2012 at 17.00 BST. Calls will however be issued annually 

These grants will be awarded primarily to allow researchers to:

  • fund teaching buyouts (or relevant remuneration) for the principal investigator
  • research assistance
  • data collection and new surveys in low-income countries

In this round we plan to award at least 6 Major Grant awards, with an average grant size of £300,000.  Note however that whilst there is a lower limit of £100,000 for each Major Grant, there is no upper limit.  Cost effectiveness and value for money will also be important evaluation criteria. The grants are designed to provide financial support for the individuals undertaking the research and to cover reasonable associated costs that are directly related to the proposed research project.

Who is eligible?

Proposals may be submitted by “eligible” institutions and organizations. An eligible institution is one that:

  • Is a legally registered entity in its home country
  • Is not bankrupt or being wound up, is not having its affairs administered by the courts, has not entered into an arrangement with creditors, has not suspended business activities, is not the subject of proceedings concerning those matters, and is not in any analogous situation arising from a similar procedure provided for in national legislation or regulations
  • Has not been convicted by a judgement for fraud, corruption, involvement in criminal organizations or any other criminal activity or breach of relevant law
  • Has fulfilled its tax obligations, obligations relating to the payment of social security contributions or obligations relating to the treatment of employees

Joint proposals from consortia of institutions will be considered provided that they have an appropriate legal arrangement via an MOU or sub-contractual agreements between parties, with only one lead institution and one Principal Investigator.

For more details regarding eligibility and full project details please see the PEDL Guide for Applicants

How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted through the online application form.  Registering your details and logging in is a prerequisite of applying. Prior to applying, it is recommended that you review the details about the application process here.  Applicants must submit a proposal summary, a full proposal, the CVs of the Principal Investigator and those of other Lead Scientists, as well as a detailed project budget.

Applicants will be informed whether the proposal has been approved approximately 6 months following the closure of the round. CEPR may ask applicants to provide additional information in support of their application during this period. The Evaluation Committee may also request applicants to submit revised proposals should they consider that the proposal has sufficient potential.

Apply for a Major Grant here.