Arti Grover

Arti Grover is a consultant Economist at the World Bank. Arti specializes in international trade issues, especially services trade from developing countries, bilateral labour agreements and regional and spatial economics issues. She has experience working with several countries in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa. Arti has co-authored two books on services trade and has published several of her research in peer reviewed journals. Prior to joining the World Bank, she was a Doctoral Fulbright fellow at Princeton University and a Lecturer at the Delhi School of Economics.

Researcher's Grant Projects

This project investigates the usage and allocation efficiency of land and energy within India by focusing on the manufacturing sector and developing data to quantify the issues relating to land allocation and energy supply.
Researchers: William Kerr, Gilles Duranton, Arti Grover
Grants Round: 15th Round
Country: India
This project evaluates the impact of highway construction in India on different aspects of economic activity, such as firm productivity and allocative efficiency, and thus the impact of public infrastructure on the entry of new firms into the manufacturing sector. 
Researchers: William Kerr, Arti Grover
Grants Round: 2nd Round
Country: India