Azam Chaudhry

Azam Chaudhry is Professor of Economics at the Lahore School and the Dean of the Economics Faculty. He has a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Economics from London School of Economics where he specialized in Monetary Economics, Econometrics and Corporate Finance and a M.A. and Ph.D in Economics from Brown University, USA. He teaches Econometrics and Macroeconomics at the Lahore School and his research interests include Innovation and Technological Change, Institutional Economics, Economic Growth and Development, Political Economy and Empirical Macroeconomics and Microeconomics

Researcher's Grant Projects

By studying the football and surgical goods industries of Pakistan, this project seeks to identify barriers to upgrading in manufacturing firms such as high costs of high-quality inputs and fixed costs of innovation. 
Researchers: Eric Verhoogen, Azam Chaudhry, Shamyla Chaudhry, David Atkin, Amit Khandelwal
Grants Round: 2nd MRG round
Country: Pakistan
Cross-cutting themes: Fragile and conflict-affected states