Gharad Bryan

Gharad Bryan’s main research areas are linked to development economics, behavioural economics and experimental economics. He holds a Ph.D in Economics from Yale University, LL.B. and B.Com. from the University of Melbourne.

Researcher's Grant Projects

This randomized evaluation studies the effects of incentivising microfinance loan officers to identify clients with the highest potential returns on their loans, in order to test the hypothesis that the business model of classic microfinance institutions might be one of the reasons why high-growth microentrepreneurs have difficulty accessing SME-level loans. 
Researchers: Dean Karlan, Gharad Bryan
Grants Round: 1st MRG Round
Country: South Africa
Cross-cutting themes: Gender
This project aims to better understand productivity dispersion by developing a market-specific measure of the competitive pressure to innovate and exit, and also a comprehensive measure of productivity dispersion, in the retail tyre market in West Africa.
Researchers: Gharad Bryan
Grants Round: 11th round
Country: Ghana
PEDL themes:
This project identifies competitor and supply chain markets and the horizontal and vertical interactions of sample firms to study the impacts of credit on SMEs.
Researchers: Dean Karlan, Pamela Jakiela, Daniel Keniston, Gharad Bryan
Grants Round: 4th Round
Country: Philippines