Heather Schofield

Center for Global Development

Heather Schofield is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Center for Global Development. Schofield’s interests are broadly in development, health, and behavioral economics. Her ongoing research is on the role of health human capital (nutrition, pain management, adequate sleep) in economic productivity, cognitive function, and decision-making; profit-maximization among micro-entrepreneurs; dynamic complementarities in education; and the role of financial and social incentives in promoting healthy behaviors, to name a few.Heather completed a PhD in business economics, an MS in global health and population, and an AB magna cum laude at Harvard University.

Researcher's Grant Projects

This project aims to quantify deviations from profit-maximizing behaviour and studying the relative importance of factors that influence profits in a consistent setting. 
Researchers: Frank Schilbach, Heather Schofield
Grants Round: Special ERG - PhD #2
Country: India
Cross-cutting themes: Gender