Jonas Hjort

Jonas Hjort is an Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance at Columbia University. Before coming to Columbia, Professor Hjort received a BSc Economics from the London School of Economics, an MA International & Development Economics from Yale and a Ph.D. Economics from UC Berkeley. His research spans issues in development, labour and behavioural economics, with a particular focus on topics in their intersection. In recent work he has analysed, for example, the consequences of ethnic heterogeneity for production in firms in East Africa.

Researcher's Grant Projects

Through a field experiment at a Liberian factory, the researchers explore the impact of employer discrimination based on easily observable characteristics, rather than assessments of on-the-job productivity, on job allocation, firm productivity, and career effects of job procurement.
Researchers: Jonas Hjort, Tarek Ghani
Grants Round: 7th Round
Country: Liberia