Laura Poswell

University of Cape Town

Laura Poswell is the Executive Director for J-PAL Africa at SALDRU at the University of Cape Town. Her role involves working with governments and NGOs in Africa to decipher policy lessons about what works and collaborating with researchers and policy makers to conduct randomized evaluations that address policy questions facing African decision-makers. Laura has an M.BusSc. from the University of Cape Town. Her last role with FUEL Trust involved working in close partnership with South Africa’s Department of Basic Education to implement a service delivery enhancement programme with the National School Nutrition Programme. She previously worked as a researcher for the Development Policy Research Unit at the University of Cape Town.

Researcher's Grant Projects

This work will shed light on how much employers value cognitive (e.g. IQ) and non-cognitive (e.g. motivation, perseverance etc.) skills and the extent to which these skills are predictive of future productivity.
Researchers: Kate Orkin, Laura Poswell, Lukas Hensel, Laurel Beth Wheeler
Grants Round: 21st Round
Country: South Africa
Cross-cutting themes: Gender