Magda Hassan

Magda Hassan is a PhD Candidate in Management Studies, Marketing and Strategy Group at the Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. She received her MPhil in Innovation, Strategy & Organisation from the University of Cambridge, her Masters in Management Science from the German University in Cairo and her BA in Business Administration from Cairo University. During her studies she has worked in a number of Egyptian NGOs and initiatives in the areas of micro-credit and education. Her general research interest is the role of management science in addressing global poverty challenges. Her current work focuses on discovering strategies to improve the performance of micro-enterprises operating in resource poor environments. In 2012 Magda became the Co-Founder of a new student initiative at Cambridge Judge Business School - M4D (Managing for Development) - that aims to bring together management academics, practitioners, and students who care about global poverty and want to see how their skills and research can make a difference.

Researcher's Grant Projects

This project aims to develop a research programme that investigates the role of innovation in micro-enterprises’ marketing practices in driving performance.
Researchers: Magda Hassan, Jaideep Prabhu, Om Narasimhan, Rajesh Chandy
Grants Round: Special ERG - Scale-up
Country: Egypt
Through a field experiment on micro food retailers in Cairo, the research team investigates the importance of innovation in marketing practices for scaling and improving businesses.
Researchers: Rajesh Chandy, Jaideep Prabhu, Magda Hassan, Om Narasimhan
Grants Round: 8th Round
Country: Egypt
Cross-cutting themes: Fragile and conflict-affected states