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Major Research Grant Projects

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Finance and Networks in China

Providing much-needed experimental evidence on the impacts of alleviating growth frictions to SMEs, this project evaluates the effects of programs designed to improve access to loans and to expand business networks. 

Research Project
29 Jun 2015

Binding Up the Nation's Wounds: An Economic Analysis of the Korean Reunification

A unique study collects North Korean data and estimates a structural model to simulate the potential reunification and integration scenario for the economies of North and South Korea. 

Research Project
19 Jun 2015

The Effects of Land Mines on Development and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Mozambique

A combination of geographical data on post-conflict land mines and micro-level economic data allows for the quantification of the long-run effects of land mines on economic performance and development of conflict-affected states such as Mozambique. 

Research Project
1 Jun 2015

The Impacts of Microfranchising on Young Women in Nairobi

The first-ever impact evaluation of a randomized microfranchising intervention will investigate the “business in a box” model as a means to promote microenterpreneurship in Kenya.  

Research Project
1 Jun 2015

The Dynamics of Female Informal Enterprise Growth in Kenya and the Role of Reallocation in Returns to Business Training

By leveraging the ILO’s targeted business-training program for women called GET Ahead, this study will use a randomized control trial to help understand the dynamics of business growth of informal female-owned microenterprises in Kenya.

Research Project
1 Jun 2015

An Internship Programme for Young Ethiopian Entrepreneurs

By randomizing a piloted internship programme for young Ethiopians, the researchers are able to test whether experiential learning from the programme can improve future employment prospects of the interns. 

Research Project
3 Feb 2015

What are the Barriers to Industrial Upgrading? Evidence from Pakistan

By studying the football and surgical goods industries of Pakistan, this project seeks to identify barriers to upgrading in manufacturing firms such as high costs of high-quality inputs and fixed costs of innovation. 

Research Project
5 Aug 2014

The Role of Asian Investment in Manufacturing in Catalyzing Economic Development in Africa

This project aims to quantify the relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and domestic firm development by building on an existing study of Chinese and Indian investment in the processed leather sector in Ethiopia. 

Research Project
4 Aug 2014

Returns to Consulting for Women Entrepreneurs

This study builds on an earlier ERG project to carefully examine the causal mechanisms by which business skills training affects business outcomes using high frequency follow-up surveys.

Research Project
30 Jul 2014