Morgan Hardy

New York University Abu Dhabi

Morgan Hardy is an Assistant Professor at the New York University Abu Dhabi. She obtained her PhD in economics from the Department of Economics at Brown University. She earned her B.A in mathematics and philosophy from Columbia University in 2008 and her M.A. in economics from Brown University in 2011. She has received an NSF/IGERT fellowship for interdisciplinary training and fieldwork as well as a Hewlett Foundation/IIE Dissertation Fellowship to study women's labor market participation in the developing world.

She is currently interested in women’s economic empowerment, social/business networks, and informal economic activity in Africa.

Researcher's Grant Projects

The project seeks to further our understanding of the effects of industrialization initiatives on rural communities in developing countries.
Researchers: Morgan Hardy, Kevin Croke, Christian Johannes Meyer
Grants Round: 23rd Round
Country: Ethiopia
Cross-cutting themes: Gender
This study conducts a two-stage randomized controlled trial involving a government-sponsored apprenticeship training program to examine the impacts of apprenticeship labour inputs on different firm outcomes. 
Researchers: Isaac Mbiti, Morgan Hardy, Jamie McCasland
Grants Round: 14th Round
Country: Ghana
Focusing on the tailoring and cosmetology trades in Ghana, this study aims to estimate the private returns to trade association membership for women and identify how these benefits differ for those connected outside the trade association. 
Researchers: Morgan Hardy, Jamie McCasland
Grants Round: Special ERG - PhD
Country: Ghana
Cross-cutting themes: Gender