Munshi Sulaiman

Munshi Sulaiman is Research Coordinator, BRAC International. He did his PhD at the London School of Economics and holds a Masters from BRAC University. He has extensive experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of policy interventions using both experimental and non-experimental methods. He has been engaged in rigorous academic research on evaluating youth and health care interventions, financial and livelihood services, food transfer and entrepreneurship programmes in several countries in South Asia and Africa.

Researcher's Grant Projects

Building on an existing large-scale randomized controlled trial involving Ugandan SMEs, this project measures the spillover effects of several business expansion interventions on the business practices of firms that belong to the ‘treated’ firms’ social, business and market networks. 
Researchers: Imran Rasul, Oriana Bandiera, Robin Burgess, Munshi Sulaiman, Vittorio Bassi
Grants Round: 1st MRG Round
Country: Uganda