Neil Rankin

Neil Rankin is an Associate Professor in Economics at Stellenbosch University. Prof Rankin is an applied micro-economist working in the areas of labour markets, firms, pricing, trade and impact evaluation. One stream of his current research work examines the links between company performance and labour market outcomes in an African context, and particularly the impact of trade at a microeconomic level. As part of his research he has managed and administered firm and labour market surveys in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda and Tanzania. He is also currently the principle investigator on a number of impact evaluation projects including a randomised control trial that investigates the impact of possible interventions on youth unemployment in South Africa.

Researcher's Grant Projects

As a lack of information on worker and jobseeker skills may contribute to low firm productivity, this study aims to directly measure the consequences of improving information to employers about potential workers through twin randomized controlled trials. 
Researchers: Robert Garlick, Kate Orkin, Neil Rankin
Grants Round: 16th Round
Country: South Africa
Cross-cutting themes: Gender
This project aims to bring micro-data collected by statistical agencies in Ghana and Swaziland into the research domain, to standardise the data series over time and to provide supporting documentation to allow for the use of this data by the broader research community.
Researchers: Neil Rankin, Francis Teal, Justin Sandefur, Samuel Mhlanga
Grants Round: 9th Round
Country: Multiple