PEDL/NYU Abu Dhabi Workshop, November 2018

From the 13th to the 15th of November, NYU Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with PEDL, hosted a workshop dedicated to pre-dissertation PhD candidates from top institutions in US/Europe and promising young scholars from Africa and South Asia (PhD students or PhD received in 2016 or later).

The aim of the workshop was to foster new ideas and to develop projects, grant proposals, and, importantly, collaborations across these groups for research on the frontiers of private enterprise development in Africa and South Asia.

The workshop included presentations from leading researchers in the field, highlighting open questions and opportunities for possible contributions.

Participants were grouped according to their interest - and their preferences - and worked together under the supervision of workshop leaders to develop, present and receive feedback on projects leading to grant proposals fundable by PEDL or other funding calls.

Additional details on the workshop programme may be found here.