Preparing for your online application for Major Research Grants

Before developing your proposal and accompanying documents, please review the PEDL Guide for Applicants.

To apply for a Major Grant, you will need to provide the following material for the online application. We suggest you prepare this material before beginning the online application. However, you will be able to save a partially completed application and return to it at a later date.

  • A project title
  • A project abstract
  • One or more keywords
  • Proposal Summary - a short summary of the proposal (no more than three pages, references and appendix not included) outlining the aims of the proposed research, the methodology that will be employed, and its policy impact. Proposal Summary Template
  • Proposal - a full scientific proposal (max. 15 pages, references and appendix not included) expanding on details outlined in the Summary Proposal in addition to a Policy Impact Plan, information on your Institution’s capabilities, and issues of ethics and data management. Proposal Template
  • The contact information and legal address for the Coordinating institution
  • CV of the Principal Investigator - referencing in particular similar projects led by the applicant (max 1-2 pages with relevant publications);
  • Full contact information and legal mailing address for all partner institutions
  • CVs of Lead Scientist(s) of Partner Institution(s) - (max 1-2 pages with relevant publications)
  • Additional information on your project including information on its:
  • Relevance to the four PEDL Themes
  • Relevance to the three cross-cutting Issues
  • Descriptions of your proposal’s:
    • Fit with the Initiative
    • Policy Relevance
    • Academic Innovation
    • Methodological Rigor
    • Cost Effectiveness
  • Detailed budget – this should include an outline of all anticipated costs including: Data Acquisition, Dissemination, Travel, Research Stipend, Research Assistance, and Other, expressed in Pounds Stirling.  Additional details to develop your Budget can be found in our Budget Guidelines and Budget Template
  • Details of any additional funding that has been secured or is pending in support of the current project, including the project title, the amount, the source – ie, the name of the funding agency, foundation, etc – its relation to the current proposal and the extend of PI time that is committed to it.
  • Administrative Documentation:
    • Coordinating Institution eligibility:
    • Coordinating Institution administrative information:

Please send electronic copies of the four Administrative Documentation documents to [email protected].

Before submitting your proposal, please ensure that you have read CEPR's Code of Conduct for Researchers. On your online application form, you will be required to tick a box acknowledging that you have read and agree to this Code. In addition, please review CEPR's Conflict of Interest Policy and Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy here, which all grantees should adhere to. 

** Proposals (including all supporting documents) must be submitted in English. Where any required supporting document cannot be obtained in English, a translation verified and approved by an official authority must be submitted.