Registry Data in Burma: Mapping the Country’s Manufacturing Industry and Related Infrastructure

Many academics and policy-makers believe that a major reason for lower levels of industrial growth and development in Asian countries is their lack of infrastructure. However, most studies exploring the impact on the stock of infrastructure on industrial growth are done at the macro-level as high quality micro-data on Asian countries is still scarce, and thus fall short of explaining the channels through which infrastructure matters for industrial growth. This project aims to provide an enterprise map of medium and large manufacturing firms in Burma in order to further inform further research and policy decisions about infrastructure investments.

With unprecedented access to Burma’s government registry data, the research team will compile a database of the state of medium and large firms in the manufacturing industry in Burma. They will digitize data from consolidating online and offline sources with telephone surveys into a valuable directory of Burma’s manufacturing sector.

With the creation and provision of this enterprise map, researchers will be able to conduct further surveys such to investigate mechanisms through which the manufacturing sector is affected by poor stocks of infrastructure, enabling policy recommendations for investment in infrastructure and growth. This will be a long-run research legacy for micro level data collection and analysis in a region with an existing dearth of such data.  


Nick Bloom

Stanford University

Renata Lemos

World Bank

Mari Tanaka

Hitotsubashi University