VoxDev: The new research into policy platform has just been launched!

Who we are

VoxDev is a research into practice platform where economists, policy practitioners and implementers from both the public and private sectors can weigh in on current and emerging development challenges. Expert contributors will provide insightful commentary, analysis, and evidence to bear on particular policy questions and challenges in a format that is accessible to both specialist and non-specialist audiences in development.

What do our Columns look like?

The primary objective is accessibility and understandability of economic research for nontechnical
audiences. This means translating complex econometrics in a manner that preserves
the original research idea while still conveying key findings and policy implications of the
research in a manner that is clearly understood.

VoxDev pieces are typically:

  • 800-1200 words in length
  • Structured to be accessible to readers, making strong use of clear, descriptive subheadings
  • Evidence-based, drawing upon original, often empirical research in developing countries
  • Written in a style that is comparable to The Economist or the Financial Times.

Who can contribute?

While most of the analysis we showcase on VoxDev draws on original and frontier development
economics research, we are also keen to welcome contributions from development experts,
policymakers, practitioners, and private sector stakeholders.

Submission process and deadlines

Submission process: All content for VoxDev should be submitted through editor@voxdev.org.
All pieces or ideas for pieces will be reviewed by our editorial board, and will be copyedited to
conform to the VoxDev style guide, outlined above. Copyediting is intended to ensure all our
content follows a clear structure and remains accessible to non-technical audiences.
An email will always be sent to notify you, in advance, of the publication date of your piece.
Once we have officially launched, we anticipate editorial turnarounds to be much faster, with the
turnaround from submission to publication expected to take approximately 2 weeks.

Cross-posting and sharing content

VoxDev is committed the principles of open-access and knowledge sharing, so we welcome any
invitations to cross-post or share our content through other platforms. We simply ask that you
wait until the piece has been published for at least 24 hours on VoxDev and that all shared
content includes a written attribution and link back to the original post. If you wish to submit
content that has previously been published elsewhere, it will be subject to the same editorial
processes and will need to be sent to editor@voxdev.org for review. Older content should be
updated before being submitted. Any pieces accepted for repost will credit and reference the
original post.

To access the webpage, please click here.