Can messaging from firms around sick leave improve worker wellness and increase productivity?

Covid-19 and other contagious diseases pose a threat to productivity by causing periods of mass absence. Paid sick leave can prevent the spread of disease and reduce turnover costs for employers, but workers often fear retribution for taking sick leave.

Research Note
4 Jul 2024

Mandatory employer-sponsored health financing scheme for semiformal workers in Bangladesh: An experimental assessment

In this study, we present findings from an experimental evaluation of a mandatory employer-sponsored health insurance scheme in Bangladesh.

Journal Article
15 Mar 2024

Secure Survey Design as a Tool for Monitoring Harassment in Organizations

This study tested different methods of surveying employees about workplace harassment and found that secure survey designs that ensure plausible deniability of responses to sensitive questions can help uncover harassment that would otherwise go unreported.

Research Note
24 Nov 2023

Job vacancies and hiring by large employers in Bangladesh

This project aims to research the extent to which challenges in finding and hiring workers may hinder firms' growth. 

Research Project
1 Aug 2023

Structural Innovation in Weather-Indexed Crop Insurance

We develop a structural and computational framework that improves compensation accuracy of weather-indexed crop insurance through individualised coverage.

Research Note
19 Jun 2023

Repayment Flexibility and Risk Taking: Experimental Evidence from Credit Contracts

A widely held view is that small firms in developing countries are prevented from making profitable investments by lack of access to credit and insurance markets. One solution is to provide repayment flexibility in credit contracts.

Journal Article
1 Jun 2023

Improved menstrual health and the workplace: An RCT with female Bangladeshi garment workers

Menstrual hygiene practices in low-income countries are often limited by lack of finance and information, with potentially adverse consequences for women’s well-being and workplace outcomes.

Journal Article
1 Jun 2023

Multinational enforcement of labor law: Experimental evidence on strengthening occupational safety and health (OSH) committees

Annually, work-related mortality is responsible for 5-7% of all global deaths, and at least 1-in-9 workers experience non-fatal occupational accidents (ILO, 2019a,b).

Journal Article
18 May 2023

Bricks to Blocks: An Exploratory Study of Policy and Practices in the Construction Sector of Bangladesh

In a move to promote more sustainable technologies in the construction sector, in 2019 the Government of Bangladesh introduced a shift from fired clay bricks to blocks in public construction.

Research Note
27 Apr 2023

Gender Norms at Work: Impacts on Women’s Hiring and Workplace Experiences in Bangladesh

This project investigates the role of gender norms on women’s workplace experience, inter-employee interactions, and firm productivity.

Research Project
1 Mar 2023