Leveraging Political Incentives for Environmental Regulation: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms

This paper, by He, Wang and Zhang (2019), estimates the effect of environmental regulation on firm productivity usign a spatial regression discontinuity design implicit in China's water quality monitoring system.

Working Paper
8 Oct 2019

Environmental Regulations and Firm Performances in the Chinese Manufacturing Sector

This project aims at solving an economic long standing debate over the effects of environmental regulation on firms’ performance.

Research Project
12 Sep 2017


How important is to have a good supplier for the success of a firm? This project based in China will shed some light on the role that the supply side of the economy plays on firm performance.

Research Project
1 Mar 2017

Interfirm Relationship and Business Performance

In this paper published in The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Cai and Szeidl (2017) organized business associations for the owner-managers of randomly selected young Chinese firms to study the effect of business networks on firm performance.

Journal Article
24 Oct 2016

Interfirm Relationship and Business Performance

Regular meetings between managers of young Chinese firms substantially improved firm performance. Channels included learning from peers and new supplier-client matches.

Research Note
24 Oct 2016

Growth Effects of Financial Deepening: Evidence from China

This project directly addresses the research gap on the financial constraints of SMEs by evaluating the impact of a new loan product, designed specifically for SMEs, on firm growth in China.

Research Project
7 Aug 2015

Finance and Networks in China

Providing much-needed experimental evidence on the impacts of alleviating growth frictions to SMEs, this project evaluates the effects of programs designed to improve access to loans and to expand business networks. 

Research Project
29 Jun 2015

Interfirm Relationships and Business Performance

This project aims to quantify the cost of the business friction involved when matching with trusted partners.

Research Project
20 Jul 2014

Mechanisms of Demand Building and Export Dynamics of Chinese Footwear Firms

This project aims to improve the understanding of reasons underlying the success of footwear-exporting private enterprises from China by building a dynamic structural model of firm demand and innovative data collective involving pilot studies.

Research Project
23 May 2014