Competition and the Welfare Gains from Transportation Infrastructure: Evidence from the Golden Quadrilateral of India

What are the economic channels through which transportation infrastructure affect income? The authors, Asturias, Garcia-Santana, and Ramos (2015) study this question using a model of internal trade in which states trade with each other.

Working Paper
29 Apr 2015

The Returns to Capital for SMEs: Evidence from India

This project will measure the extent of credit constraints in the SME sector in India while simultaneously evaluating a private-sector led project that provides these firms with better access to credit. 

Research Project
28 Apr 2015

Entry Dynamics in Developing Markets: Evidence from the Indian Market for Potassium Fertilizer

This research explores the factors that affect the pattern of firm entry into different geographic markets in developing countries by focusing on the Indian market for potassium fertilizer. 

Research Project
20 Jan 2015

Profit Maximization among Micro-Entrepreneurs – A Lab-in-the-Field Approach

This project aims to quantify deviations from profit-maximizing behaviour and studying the relative importance of factors that influence profits in a consistent setting. 

Research Project
26 Nov 2014

Currency Devaluations and Industrial Development

As developing countries continually attempt to increase the competitiveness of their exports through currency devaluations, this project examines an increasingly important set of questions regarding the impact of currency devaluations on the manufacturing sector of four different countries. 

Research Project
20 Nov 2014

The Allocative Efficiency of Land and Energy in India

This project investigates the usage and allocation efficiency of land and energy within India by focusing on the manufacturing sector and developing data to quantify the issues relating to land allocation and energy supply.

Research Project
19 Nov 2014

Household Matters: Revisiting the Returns to Capital among Female Micro-entrepreneurs

Several field experiments find positive returns to grants for male and not female micro-entrepreneurs. But these analyses overlook that female entrepreneurs often reside with a male business owner.

Journal Article
14 Oct 2014

Joint Lending, not Borrowing: a New Approach to Credit and Entrepreneurship in LDCs

By creating a theoretical model along with a unique, novel data set, this project sheds light on the relationship between credit and investor partnerships and the resulting level of entrepreneurship.  

Research Project
9 Oct 2014

Misallocation, Internal Trade, and the Role of Transportation Infrastructure

Asturias, Garcia-Santana, and Ramos (2014) investigate the role of transportation infrastructure in explaining resource misallocation and income in India.

Working Paper
20 Aug 2014

Productivity and Competition in India’s Brick Industry

A detailed survey of the Indian brick industry, collected for this study, shows substantial productivity dispersion, attributable to both technology differences and efficiency variation within each technology.

Research Note
25 Jul 2014