Competition and Firm Entry in Agricultural Markets

This project aims to quantify the competitiveness of rural agricultural markets, and to test whether the entry of new intermediaries into markets can enhance competition and increase consumer welfare.

Research Project
15 Dec 2016

General Equilibrium Effects of Cash Transfers: Enterprise Dynamics

This project aims to better understand the capacity of informal SMEs to be a dynamic driver of private sector growth, specifically when granted unconditional government cash transfers.

Research Project
15 Dec 2016

Increasing Productivity and Safety of SMEs by Monitoring Drivers in Kenya’s Public Transport Sector

This project will provide monitoring technology to SMEs in a randomized controlled trial to improve their ability to write effective contracts with their employees.

Research Project
15 Dec 2016

Kinship Taxation in the Lab and in the Field: Constraint on Microenterprise Growth?

Developing country entrepreneurs often face family pressure to share income. This pressure, a “kinship tax”, can discourage the most able entrepreneurs from expanding their firms.

Research Note
20 Oct 2016

Entrepreneurship, Gender and the Constraints of Time: A Randomised Experiment on the Role of Access to Light

This paper by Hassan and Lucchino (2016) provides evidence about whether access to light, which relaxes the time constraint in relation to the number of productive hours available, can stimulate the emergence of currently pent-up productive potential, particularly of

Working Paper
1 Sep 2016

All in the family? The effect of family firm successions on firm organization in Africa and Asia

By collecting new firm-level data from nine countries across Africa and Asia, this project evaluates the impact of the ownership and control structures of firms on their management practices and performance.

Research Project
28 Apr 2016

From informal to formal high growth ventures

This exploratory research aims to investigate and identify outcomes and growth of incubators in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Uganda.

Research Project
12 Apr 2016

Female entrepreneurship and the burden of house work: a randomised experiment on the role of access to light

Building on a large randomized controlled trial in Kenya, this project evaluates the impact of providing solar lamps on women’s time use and economic activities.

Research Project
19 Mar 2016

Complementarity in firm-level innovation strategies: a comparative study of Kenya and Nigeria

In this paper published in Innovation and Development, Egbetokun, Mendi and Mudida (2015) present and analyse firm-level innovation data from Kenya and Nigeria.

Journal Article
1 Jan 2016

Mitigating Market Frictions by Monitoring Employees in SMEs: A Field Experiment in Kenya's Public Transport Sector

This project develops and tests a fleet management system for Kenya’s semi-formal public transport system.

Research Note
28 Sep 2015