All in the family? The effect of family firm successions on firm organization in Africa and Asia

By collecting new firm-level data from nine countries across Africa and Asia, this project evaluates the impact of the ownership and control structures of firms on their management practices and performance.

Research Project
28 Apr 2016

From informal to formal high growth ventures

This exploratory research aims to investigate and identify outcomes and growth of incubators in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Uganda.

Research Project
12 Apr 2016

Female entrepreneurship and the burden of house work: a randomised experiment on the role of access to light

Building on a large randomized controlled trial in Kenya, this project evaluates the impact of providing solar lamps on women’s time use and economic activities.

Research Project
19 Mar 2016

Complementarity in firm-level innovation strategies: a comparative study of Kenya and Nigeria

In this paper published in Innovation and Development, Egbetokun, Mendi and Mudida (2015) present and analyse firm-level innovation data from Kenya and Nigeria.

Journal Article
1 Jan 2016

Mitigating Market Frictions by Monitoring Employees in SMEs: A Field Experiment in Kenya's Public Transport Sector

This project develops and tests a fleet management system for Kenya’s semi-formal public transport system.

Research Note
28 Sep 2015

Trade Credit Information Sharing among SMEs in Kenya

Through a field experiment, this project tries to assess whether providing the infrastructure for information sharing among lenders and borrowers improves credit market efficiency, between SMEs and their suppliers in Kenya.

Research Project
6 Aug 2015

The Impacts of Microfranchising on Young Women in Nairobi

The first-ever impact evaluation of a randomized microfranchising intervention will investigate the “business in a box” model as a means to promote microenterpreneurship in Kenya.  

Research Project
1 Jun 2015

The Dynamics of Female Informal Enterprise Growth in Kenya and the Role of Reallocation in Returns to Business Training

By leveraging the ILO’s targeted business-training program for women called GET Ahead, this study will use a randomized control trial to help understand the dynamics of business growth of informal female-owned microenterprises in Kenya..

Research Project
1 Jun 2015

Mitigating Market Frictions by Monitoring Employees in SMEs: A Field Experiment in Kenya's Public Transport Sector (Stage One)

A field experiment to fit Kenyan minibuses with GPS fleet management technology will provide information about the effect of monitoring on market frictions and negative externalities due to driver behaviour. 

Research Project
25 Feb 2015

Enterprise Responses to Redistribution in Kenya

High-frequency data collection on a randomized treatment of SMEs will allow the researchers to study enterprise dynamics after a redistributive shock in the form of a cash transfer in rural Kenya. 

Research Project
25 Feb 2015