Trade Liberalisation and Buyer-Seller Relation: Evidence from Pakistan's Transaction Level Data

This project provides new evidence on the effects of trade liberalization on buyer-seller relations at both the extensive and intensive margin using a novel dataset on Pakistani firms.

Research Project
1 Aug 2018

Firm Dynamics in Pakistan’s Supply Chain Network

This project examines the importance of upstream and downstream market access for firm selection and growth in Pakistan’s manufacturing sector.

Research Project
5 Jun 2018

Overcoming Constraints on Female Labour Force Entry

This project studies whether aspirational and soft touch job search skills interventions can contribute towards bridging the supply and demand side in promoting female employment in Pakistan.

Research Project
4 Jun 2018

Organizational Barriers to Technology Adoption: Evidence from Soccer Ball Producers in Pakistan

This paper by Atkin, Chaudhry, Chaudry, Khandelwal, and Verhoogen (2017), published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, studies technology adoption in a cluster of soccer-ball producers in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Journal Article
1 Aug 2017

On the Origins and Development of Pakistan's Soccer-Ball Cluster

Sialkot, Pakistan, is the world center of hand-stitched soccer-ball manufacturing. The existence of the cluster is puzzling and seems to argue against the "home market effect", since there is little local demand for soccer balls.

Journal Article
1 Mar 2017

Management in Pakistan: Evidence from Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Paktunkhawa provinces

The key purpose of this project is to measure management practices, undertake a rigorous empirical analysis of management-performance relationship, and investigate the determinants of management practices in manufacturing establishments in previously inaccessible provinces of Pakistan.

Research Project
28 Feb 2017

In Brief: Management in Pakistan: First Evidence from Punjab

What explains differences in productivity in developing countries?

Research Note
23 Dec 2016

Facilitating Innovative Growth of Low Cost Private Schools: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan

This project seeks to understand how alleviating financial and technological constraints in the input market can impact firm growth and innovation, through private schools in Pakistan.

Research Project
15 Dec 2016

Management in Pakistan: First Evidence from Punjab

In this working paper Bloom, Lemos, Choudhary and Van Reenen (2016) collect data on management practices in the Punjab region of Pakistan (PK-MOPS) following the MOPS approach pioneered by Bloom et al (2013) for US manufacturing plants.

Working Paper
16 May 2016

Equity-based Microfinance Contracts for Microenterprises in Pakistan

This randomized controlled trial explores the feasibility and evaluates the impact of equity-based microfinancing for microenterprises in Pakistan.

Research Project
9 Mar 2016