Corruption Dynamics in International Trade Evidence on Bribery and Tax Evasion from Tunisian Customs Transactions

Every year low- and middle-income countries import goods worth more than $7 trillion, and in many states these shipments must first pass through the hands of corrupt customs officials.

Working Paper
8 May 2022

Crunch Time: How Bureaucrats' Term of Office Affects Coercive and Collusive Bribes

This project will study whether customs officers affect firms’ bribery costs and trade costs, and how these officers' time horizons and professional relationships operate as mechanisms.

Research Project
1 Nov 2019

Outcome-based Incentives in Export Markets

This project attempts to provide rigorous evidence on what governments can do to facilitate the transition from low-value added to high-value added exports (product diversification) or entry into new export markets (market diversification).

Research Project
6 Jun 2018