Kinship Pressure and Firm-Worker Matching Distortions

Many small businesses in low-income countries hire employees from their kinship networks. This fact is often attributed to hiring from the kinship network reducing contracting frictions or informational asymmetries.

Research Note
18 Oct 2023

Friendship and Collusion Among Lusakan Fruit and Vegetable Sellers

This study examines the role that non-monetary aspects (such as friendships) can play in sustaining collusive behaviour.

Research Project
1 Aug 2023

Raising Retail Productivity through Data Pooling: Preparatory and Pilot Work to Design a Mobile App Intervention in Zambia

This project investigates whether a scalable technology that pools data generated by individual retailers can overcome informational barriers to growth.

Research Project
1 Apr 2023

Kinship Pressure and Employee Selection

This project will evaluate whether kinship pressure and mutual insurance arrangements contribute to the hiring of family members in microenterprises in Zambia.

Research Project
1 Jan 2021

Rule of Law and Female Entrepreneurship

Commerce requires trust, but trust is difficult when one group consistently fears expropriation by another.

Working Paper
1 Dec 2020

Responsiveness of Exports and Imports to real Exchange rate and tariff Changes: Firm Level Evidence in Zambia

This project uses a unique firm level dataset to investigate the effects of movements in the exchange rates and changes in tariff on the responsiveness of exports and imports.

Research Project
4 Jun 2018

The Impact of Business Linkages and Knowledge Spillovers on Manufacturing Growth

The project explores whether business can be encouraged to form horizontal linkages and collaborate on higher quality production through the offer of an opportunity to be part of a vertical linkage in Zambia.

Research Project
8 Sep 2017

The Emerging Properties of Business Accelerators: The Case of Botswana, Namibia and Uganda Global Business Labs

Entrepreneurship is an engine for economic development worldwide (Kelley, Singer, & Herrington 2016).

Journal Article
1 Jan 2017

Economic Reforms and Product Market Integration in Developing Countries: An Empirical Investigation Using Retail Prices in Zambia

In spite of extensive trade reforms, markets for goods and services are not fully integrated across countries. Less appreciated also is that product markets within countries are frequently not integrated.

Working Paper
1 May 2016

All in the family? The effect of family firm successions on firm organization in Africa and Asia

By collecting new firm-level data from nine countries across Africa and Asia, this project evaluates the impact of the ownership and control structures of firms on their management practices and performance.

Research Project
28 Apr 2016