Climate, environment and social compliance

Impacts of Trade and FDI on Productivity, Management, and Workplace Conditions: Evidence from Myanmar

By exploiting the rapid opening of Myanmar's market, the author examines the impact of the introduction to trade and FDI on productivity, management, and working conditions. 

Research Project
10 Jul 2014

The Impact of Climate and Pollution on Worker Productivity: Evidence from India

This study quantifies the impact of temperature, humidity, and pollution on worker productivity while also estimating the co-benefits of introducing environmentally friendly technology such as LED lighting to worker productivity and firm profitability. 

Research Project
9 Jul 2014

Green Microfinance Strategy for Entrepreneurial Transformation: Supporting Growth and Responding to Climate Change

As some environmental production processes can improve a firm's efficiency, this study examines the impact of training a sample of Bangladeshi firms in green production methods on both ecological benefits and economic profitability.

Research Project
2 Jul 2014

Political Behavior and Private Enterprises’ Growth in Burkina Faso

The researchers study the impact of corruption on incentives to innovate and private enterprise growth in an environment where bribery wins government contracts, leading to an inefficient market outcome.

Research Project
29 Jun 2014

How Does Energy-Efficiency Pass-Through to Product Markets? Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Firms

By hiring traders to make credible output bids to treatment and control firms, the researchers are able to collect accurate price data that allows them to test whether newly more energy-efficient firms reduce output prices.

Research Project
26 Jun 2014

Management Information Systems and Firm Performance: Experimental Evidence From a Large Agribusiness Company in Kenya

By implementing two pilot studies on the use of communications technologies in a large agribusiness company in Kenya, the researchers examined the impact of innovations in management information systems on firm performance.

Research Project
18 Jun 2014

What Causes Dispersion in Revenue and Output across Firms? The Brick Industry in India

This detailed study of the Indian brick industry allows for reliable estimates of firm productivity, disentangling competing explanations of variations in revenue and output across firms such as capital misallocation, market power, and adjustment costs.

Research Project
2 Jun 2014

Flying Geese in Ethiopia's Leather Cluster? Understanding Asian/Chinese Impact

This project seeks to understand the recent impact on Ethiopia's leather value chain of investment and growing interest from predominantly Asian/Chinese firms in order to inform policies to foster productivity-enhancing linkages between foreign and local firms. 

Research Project
25 Jan 2014

Exit from Informality: Carrot and Stick

In developing countries, informality is widespread amongst firms. In Bangladesh, for example, a recent survey suggests that about 70% of firms are not registered with the Tax Authority. There does seem to be a negative relationship between informality and productivity, but the direction of causality is unclear: less productive firms may choose to be informal, or there may be something about informality that makes firms less productive.

Research Project
4 Dec 2012

Brewing Success: Market Incentives to Improve The Quality of Kenyan Coffee

Coffee is Kenya's primary agricultural export and is an important source of employment and livelihoods in rural Kenya. While Kenya is world-renowned for fine Mild Arabica coffee of high average grade, the quality of Kenyan coffee is extremely uneven. Shortcomings in quality have sometimes been attributed to the cooperative nature of smallholder coffee sales.

Research Project
4 Dec 2012


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