Fragile and conflict-affected states

Supporting Microenterprise in Humanitarian Programming: Clan Network and Business Performance in Somalia

This projects seeks to understand the medium-term impacts of unconditional transfers on enterprise performance and how this varies by clan network.

Research Project
1 Jul 2019

Impact Evaluation of a Business Training and Awareness Campaign for the M-CADJU Service in Guinea-Bissau

This project explores an intervention to encourage the take-up of M-CADJU in Guinea-Bissau, a live-fair-price mobile phone information service that helps farmers maximise the price they receive for their produce.

Research Project
1 Jul 2019

Human Resource Management in Armed Organizations

This project exploits a relationship built by the researcher with a large scale armed organization to examine the causes of voluntary recruitment and the trajectories in the organization of individuals who joined as a response to different shocks.

Research Project
20 Nov 2018

Terrorism, Credit and Investment: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Pakistan

This project looks, on the one hand, at the effect of charity donations to terrorist organizations on attacks, and on the other at how firms adjust their lending and investment decisions in presence of increased uncertainty.

Research Project
15 Nov 2018

The Microstructure of Corporate Bond Markets in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Africa

By exploring the microstructure, this study seeks to address the frictions, inefficiencies and lack of competition of corporate bond markets in Africa.

Research Project
1 Jun 2018

Jackboots and Bootstraps: The Effect of Bribery on Entrepreneurship

This project tries to understand bribery’s effect on entrepreneurship, which could help policymakers design interventions to aid the development of new enterprises, thus fostering growth and alleviating poverty.

Research Project
20 Nov 2017

Inefficiencies in the Transport Sector: Evidence from Liberia

The goal of this project is to study and understand the inefficiencies of the transport sector in Liberia, and give policymakers the tools to tackle them.

Research Project
20 Apr 2017

Mitigating Market Frictions by Monitoring Employees in SMEs: A Field Experiment in Kenya's Public Transport Sector (Stage Two)

This project expands a previous intervention that implemented a fleet management system in Kenya’s semi-formal public transport system along three margins: possible negative effects of the tracking system, role of cash incentives in enhancing safety and increasing duration and participation to the pilot.

Research Project
13 Jan 2017

The Real Economic Impact of Political Uncertainty

This project based in Brazil aims to uncover novel facts about the nexus between politics and economics.

Research Project
22 Dec 2016

Facilitating Innovative Growth of Low Cost Private Schools: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan

This project seeks to understand how alleviating financial and technological constraints in the input market can impact firm growth and innovation, through private schools in Pakistan.

Research Project
15 Dec 2016