Increasing SME productivity in Uganda: Leveraging clusters to train and create linkages

This study conducts a unique experimental evaluation of an intervention that focuses on technical training and the creation of economies of scale among small enterprises to increase access to markets.

Research Project
13 Dec 2016

Productivity Differential in Absence of Profit Motive: A Case Study

This project aims to collect and analyse the productivity data of female artisans working in a large not-for-profit and semi-formal social business in Bangladesh, thus shedding light on a sector that has been previously underexplored

Research Project
19 Apr 2016

From informal to formal high growth ventures

This exploratory research aims to investigate and identify outcomes and growth of incubators in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Uganda.

Research Project
12 Apr 2016

Female entrepreneurship and the burden of house work: a randomised experiment on the role of access to light

Building on a large randomized controlled trial in Kenya, this project evaluates the impact of providing solar lamps on women’s time use and economic activities.

Research Project
19 Mar 2016

Improving Entrepreneurs’ Access to Information: A Randomised Controlled Trial on Marketing and Financial Information for Small Firm Owners in Rwanda

This research seeks to address a significant constraint to growth among private enterprises in low income countries: access to business information.

Research Project
9 Mar 2016

Tax Compliance and Private Sector Development in the Kyrgyz Republic

This randomized controlled trial will evaluate the impact of three different mechanisms aimed at improving regulatory transparency in business tax collection and reducing corruption in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Research Project
9 Mar 2016

The Value of Formalization for Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Contexts - A Review and Research Agenda

This synthesis review looks to extend the theoretical approaches to explaining the value of formalisation, with an emphasis on women in the informal sector.

Research Project
1 Sep 2015

Transport and Recruitment of Female Workers: A Randomised Controlled Trial

This randomised controlled trial evaluates the impact of women-only bus services on the recruitment efforts of small firms and on women’s labor market participation in Lahore, Pakistan.

Research Project
6 Aug 2015

Finance and Networks in China

Providing much-needed experimental evidence on the impacts of alleviating growth frictions to SMEs, this project evaluates the effects of programs designed to improve access to loans and to expand business networks. 

Research Project
29 Jun 2015

Binding Up the Nation's Wounds: An Economic Analysis of the Korean Reunification

A unique study collects North Korean data and estimates a structural model to simulate the potential reunification and integration scenario for the economies of North and South Korea. 

Research Project
19 Jun 2015