First Special Call for PhD students: profile pages now available

Our first Special Call for Exploratory Grant Proposals from PhD students, which closed in July 2013, received just under 50 applications. The average quality was very high. 10 proposals were selected for funding. You can now view their project profile pages by clicking on the links below:

Dale Mudenda (University of Cape Town), Tariff Reform and Product Market Integration in Developing Countries: The Case of Zambia

Marshall Burke (University of California, Berkeley) and Lauren Falcao (University of California, Berkeley), Barriers to Private-Sector Arbitrage in Kenyan Maize Markets

Natalia Rigol (MIT) and Reshmaan Hussam (MIT), The Cream of the Crop: Targeting High Ability Entrepreneurs Using Microcredit Group Information

Mari Tanaka (Stanford University), Impacts of Trade and FDI on Productivity, Management, and Work Place Condition: Evidence from Myanmar

Yuhei Miyauchi (MIT), Interest Rate Regulation, Credit Rationing and the Competition of Banks in Bangladesh

Simon Galle (University of California, Berkeley), Understanding the Distribution of Market Power and the Scope for Industrial Policy in Emerging Economies

Namrata Kala (Yale University), The Impact of Climate and Pollution on Worker Productivity: Evidence from India

Meredith Startz (Yale University), Tinkering: Incentives to innovate in LIC manufacturing firms

Saw Htay Wah (RAND Corporation and University of Southern California), Panel Dynamics of Private Enterprises in Myanmar

Morgan Hardy (Brown University) and Jamie McCasland (University of California, Berkeley), Trade Associations, Customary Social Networks, and Female Micro entrepreneurs in Ghana