Gaofetoge Ntshadi Ganamotse

University of Botswana

Dr. Gaofetoge Ntshadi Ganamotse is a Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at the University of Botswana in the Management Department (Faculty of Business). She holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship, from the University of Essex. Dr. Ganamotse takes a practical approach to teaching entrepreneurship with a view to graduate students who not only know about entrepreneurship but who could also practice entrepreneurship. To this end, she purposes to develop a community of reflective entrepreneurs and practitioners, thanks to her experiential teaching methods. Dr. Ganamotse has previously worked as the Director of Extension Services at the Rural Industries Promotions Companies Botswana as well as the Regional Cooperative Officer at the Department of Cooperative Services.

Her research interest areas are: Business incubation environments and new venture performance;  Entrepreneurship education (teaching and learning approaches, assessment and related impacts); Entrepreneurial Intentions ; Entrepreneurial orientation;  Venture performance in general;  General entrepreneurship issues and  Business cluster policies