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Flying Geese in Ethiopia's Leather Cluster? Understanding Asian/Chinese Impact

This project seeks to understand the recent impact on Ethiopia's leather value chain of investment and growing interest from predominantly Asian/Chinese firms in order to inform policies to foster productivity-enhancing linkages between foreign and local firms. 

Research Project
25 Jan 2014

Managerial Capital and Business Transformation in Low-Income Countries

Through an experimental intervention of providing business training and improved credit access to entrepreneurs, this project seeks to examine the dynamics of how managerial capital helps transform businesses from micro to small-sized enterprises and from small to medium-sized enterprises.

Research Project
22 Jan 2014

Highways, Firm Productivity, and Allocative Efficiency in India

Public investment in infrastructure is often recommended as a means of promoting economic activity. Identifying the impact of infrastructure investment on economic activity is, however, very complicated. The placement of new infrastructure may itself be endogenous, which makes it difficult to clearly quantify causal effects. Areas with better roads may grow faster, but it is equally possible that the economic potential of the region dictated where roads were placed. It is also possible that roads are placed into struggling regions as an effort to prop up the local economy.

Research Project
4 Dec 2012