Characteristics of Entrepreneurs and Performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Post conflict State: Evidence from Chad

Working Paper
Published on 7 October 2014


Using the third Chadian survey on consumption and informal sector (ECOSIT III), this study aims at assessing the relationship between the profile of entrepreneurs and the performance of SMEs in Chad. The study seeks to answer two main question: (1) what are the entrepreneur's characteristics which correlate more with job creation at the SMEs level? (2) Since Chad became an oil producer in 2003, what is the effect of oil windfall on job creation at the microeconomic level? The authors (Mallaye, Thierry, and Koulke Blandine) have two main findings - (1) three main characteristics correlate with the increase in the number of jobs: experience of the manager/owner, the state of the competition and access to credit, and (2) there is no significant effect of the oil exploitation on job creation in Chad.


Mallaye Douzounet

Government of Chad

Urbain Thierry Yogo

World Bank

Koulké Blandine Nan-Guer

University of N'Djamena