Does Managerial Foresight Matter in Microenterprise Performance? Evidence from Nepalese Microenterprises

Journal Article
Published on 20 April 2017
Ajay Thapa


Foresight aspect of micro-entrepreneurs and its effects on the microenterprise performance is a novel field of study. This paper by Thapa (2014), published in the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, used primary data enumerated from 501 randomly sampled micro-entrepreneurs across three ecological belts in Nepal to assess the effects of managerial foresight on the microenterprise performance in Nepal. The study observed significant indirect effects of educational attainment, need for achievement, need for autonomy, enterprise size, initial financial constraints, environmental hostility and social network on the microenterprise performance through managerial foresight. Managerial foresight appears to fortify the positive effects of educational attainment, initial financial constraints meanwhile reduce the negative effects of need for achievement, enterprise size, need for autonomy, environmental hostility and social network. The findings of this study, apart from confirming the findings of some of the previous studies and nullifying the findings of some other studies, have also explored some interesting mediating effects of managerial foresight on the microenterprise performance.