Firm Culture: Examining the Role of Gender in Job Matching in an Online African Labor Market

Working Paper
Published on 1 December 2022


Africa has some of the highest rates of unemployment globally, yet there is limited understanding of the sources of labor market frictions due to data scarcity. Using new administrative data on 227,194 applicants and over 2 million matches from the largest online job platform in Nigeria, we study the role of gender in job matching. We find significant differences in the matching behavior of applicants by gender. Women tend to be more qualified for the jobs they apply to than men. Women apply to less jobs and less senior level jobs than men, even when equally qualified for positions.


Belinda Archibong

Barnard College

Francis Annan

University of California, Berkeley

Anja Benshaul-Tolonen

Barnard College

Oyebola Okunogbe

World Bank