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“Going Global in Groups”: Structural Transformation and China’s Special Economic Zones Overseas

China’s special economic zones helped the country industrialize by attracting foreign investment.

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1 Nov 2014

The New Empirical Economics of Management

Over the last decade the World Management Survey (WMS) has collected firm-level management practices data across multiple sectors and countries. Bloom, Lemos, Sadun, Scur, and Van Reenen developed the survey to try to explain the large and persistent TFP differences across firms and countries.

Journal Article
1 Aug 2014

Impacts and Distributional Effects of Microenterprise Development Program in Nepal

Reducing poverty and income inequality are the key goals of the development plans and programs in developing countries. Microenterprise (ME) development is also one of the most widespread poverty reduction strategies in contemporary development discourses.

Journal Article
1 Jul 2014

Does Managerial Foresight Matter in Microenterprise Performance? Evidence from Nepalese Microenterprises

Foresight aspect of micro-entrepreneurs and its effects on the microenterprise performance is a novel field of study.

Journal Article
1 May 2014

Job Creation and Destruction in South Africa

Analysts of the South African labour market have mainly used household surveys to analyse the labour market. It has been more difficult to explore the labour demand of firms, as a result of limited data availability.

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1 Mar 2014

SME’s registration Evidence from an RCT in Bangladesh

Firms' informality is pervasive in Bangladesh. In this paper published in Economics Letters, De Giorgi and Rahman (2013) implemented an information campaign on registration and find that the treatment made firms more aware, but had no impact on registration.

Journal Article
1 Sep 2013