Menstrual Health, Worker Productivity and Well-being among Female Bangladeshi Garment Workers

Working Paper
Published on 1 November 2019


Czura, Menzel and Miotto (2019) conducted a randomised controlled trial (RCT) on a sample of 1,000 female garment workers in three factories in Bangladesh, offering access to free sanitary pads at work to 500 of the workers. They cross-randomised participation in information sessions for hygienic menstrual health care implemented by an experienced local NGO, and they vary the salience of commonly perceived taboos in the pad collection process. The authors find effects of the free pads and information sessions on self-reported pad use, but not of the taboo variations. They find effects on absenteeism and adherence to traditional restrictive and health-adverse taboos surrounding menstruation, but not on worker turnover or self-reported well-being at work.


Kristina Czura

University of Munich

Andreas Menzel


Martina Miotto