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The Impact of Exporting on Factory Working Conditions in Myanmar

Data collected in Myanmar garment and processed food firms from 2013 to 2015 provide evidence that exporting has positive effects on fire safety and the other measures of working conditions.

Research Note
9 Sep 2016

Unreliable Logistics Services, Productivity and Trade Patterns

How does unreliability affect firms and industries?

Research Note
12 May 2016

Innovation in Nigeria

Understanding the factors that drive or constrain firm-level innovation requires detailed micro-data. This project has collected and constructed an open-access dataset on innovation in Nigeria to support further research in this area.

Research Note
10 May 2016

Transitioning into the Formal - Women Entrepreneurs in the Informal Economy of Nepal

This qualitative study aims to understand how and why different groups of informal women entrepreneurs in Nepal engage with, or make the transition to the formal sector

Research Note
5 May 2016

Firms and the Decline of Earnings Inequality in Brazil

This project decomposes the sources of Brazil’s great inequality decline over the past two decades using a large administrative linked employer-employee dataset spanning 1988-2012.

Research Note
26 Apr 2016

The Light and the Heat: Productivity Co-benefits of Energy-Saving Technology

This study explores the consequences of the adoption of energy-efficient LED lighting in garment factories around Bangalore, India.

Research Note
1 Feb 2016

Organizational Learning: Experimental Evidence from Bangladeshi Garment Factories

A randomized controlled trial shows that inducing knowledge sharing among garment workers in Bangladeshi factories increases firm level productivity. This provides novel experimental evidence for the long held hypothesis that organizational learning drives firm productivity growth.

Research Note
1 Feb 2016

Training Microentrepreneurs in Green Production Methods: Supporting Growth and Responding to Climate Change

This study examines the impact of training microentrepreneurs in Bangladesh in green production methods on ecological outcomes and business practices.

Research Note
2 Oct 2015

Mitigating Market Frictions by Monitoring Employees in SMEs: A Field Experiment in Kenya's Public Transport Sector

This project develops and tests a fleet management system for Kenya’s semi-formal public transport system.

Research Note
28 Sep 2015