A Snapshot of Mid-sized Firms in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Working Paper
Published on 1 December 2015


In this report, Lemos and Scur (2015) provide a basic set of aggregate descriptive data at the country-level collected through the World Management Survey (WMS) waves, including management practices, work-life balance practices, human capital, decentralization and available infrastructure in medium- and large-sized firms in Africa, Asia, and Latin American developing countries. The report also describes the data collection process in great detail. As the database becomes increasingly used by researchers, the authors hope this report can serve as an “expanded methodology and data manual” for the WMS, where they not only detail the data collection process but also include an Appendix on the construction of the sampling frames. This is particularly important for countries and sectors where it was not possible to find a publicly available list, so the authors note the challenges of data collection in these countries and how they approached the solutions to these challenges.


Renata Lemos

World Bank

Daniela Scur

Cornell University