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Mobile Salary Payments in Afghanistan: Policy Implications and Lessons Learned

This policy paper by Blumenstock, Callen and Ghani (2013) shows, using a randomized controlled trial with a large Afghan firm, that paying salaries using mobile money instead of physical cash produces significant cost savings for the employer, boosts demand for the services of the mobile network ope

Working Paper
3 Jan 2014

On the Origin of the State: Stationary Bandits and Taxation in Eastern Congo

Sanchez de la Sierra (2017) gathers panel data on armed actors in 650 locations of Eastern Congo to explain the emergence and trajectories of Tilly (1985)’s essential functions of the state.

Working Paper
2 Jan 2014

The Golden Quadrilateral Highway Project and Urban/Rural Manufacturing in India

Ghani, Grover and Kerr (2013) use a difference-in-difference estimation strategy to compare non-nodal districts based on their distance from the highway system.

Working Paper
12 Nov 2013

SME Registration: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Bangladesh

Informality is pervasive in developing countries. In Bangladesh, the majority of firms are informal and as such they might not have access to prime markets, while lowering the tax base.

Working Paper
12 Nov 2013

Highway to Success: The Impact of the Golden Quadrilateral Project for the Location and Performance of Indian Manufacturing

The authors investigate the impact of the Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) highway project on the Indian organized manufacturing sector using enterprise data. The GQ project upgraded the quality and width of 5,846 km of roads in India.

Working Paper
28 Oct 2013