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It Takes Two: Experimental Evidence on the Determinants of Technology Diffusion

Previous studies of peer-to-peer technology diffusion have primarily focused on the decision of potential adopters. Equally relevant for observed diffusion in many contexts is the willingness of incumbent adopters to actively share technology.

Working Paper
14 Nov 2016

The Politics of Order in Informal Markets: Evidence from Lagos

Property rights are important for economic exchange, but in much of the world they are not publicly provided. Private market organizations can fill this gap by providing an institutional structure to enforce agreements, but with this power comes the ability to extort from the group's members.

Working Paper
25 Oct 2016

Kinship Taxation as a Constraint to Microenterprise Growth: Experimental Evidence from Kenya

Developing country entrepreneurs face family pressure to share income. This pressure, a kinship tax, can distort capital allocations.

Working Paper
20 Oct 2016

Violence and Financial Decisions: Evidence from Mobile Money in Afghanistan

Blumenstock, Callen and Ghani (2015) provide evidence that violence affects how people make financial decisions.

Working Paper
18 Oct 2016

Finding a Path to Formalization in Benin: Early Results after the Introduction of the Entreprenant Legal Status

In April 2014, the Government of Benin launched the entreprenant status, a simplified and free legal regime offered to small informal businesses to enter the formal economy.

Working Paper
14 Oct 2016

Entrepreneurship, Gender and the Constraints of Time: A Randomised Experiment on the Role of Access to Light

This paper by Hassan and Lucchino (2016) provides evidence about whether access to light, which relaxes the time constraint in relation to the number of productive hours available, can stimulate the emergence of currently pent-up productive potential, particularly of women.

Working Paper
12 Oct 2016

Exporting Sweatshops? Evidence from Myanmar

There is a long-standing debate over the impact of global trade on workers and firms in developing countries. In this paper, Tanaka (2016) investigates the causal effect of exporting on working conditions and firm performance in Myanmar.

Working Paper
9 Sep 2016

A Snapshot of Mid-sized Firms in Africa, Asia and Latin America

In this report, Lemos and Scur (2015) provide a basic set of aggregate descriptive data at the country-level collected through the World Management Survey (WMS) waves, including management practices, work-life balance practices, human capital, decentralization and available infrastructure in medium-

Working Paper
13 May 2016

Supply Chain Risk and the Pattern of Trade

In this paper, Eber and Malmberg (2015) analyze the interaction of supply chain risk and trade patterns.

Working Paper
28 Apr 2016