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Supply Chain Risk and the Pattern of Trade

In this paper, Maximilian Eber and Hannes Malmberg analyze the interaction of supply chain risk and trade patterns.

Working Paper
16 Oct 2015

Business as Unusual. An Explanation of the Increase of Private Economic Activity in High-Conflict Areas in Afghanistan

In this paper, Ciarli, Kofol, and Menon (2015) use a unique dataset that combines spatial detailed information on conflict events and on households' activity, to show a positive and significant correlation between violent conflict and entrepreneurship in Afghanistan.

Working Paper
10 Jul 2015

Who Wants to be an Entrepreneur and Why? A Study of Highly Educated Young Nigerians

Knowing why and when young persons want to be entrepreneurs is relevant for development policy in the face of high unemployment.

Working Paper
26 May 2015

Competition and the Welfare Gains from Transportation Infrastructure: Evidence from the Golden Quadrilateral of India

What are the economic channels through which transportation infrastructure affect income? The authors, Asturias, Garcia-Santana, and Ramos (2015) study this question using a model of internal trade in which states trade with each other.

Working Paper
29 Apr 2015

Short-Term Impacts of Formalization Assistance and a Bank Information Session on Business Registration and Access to Finance in Malawi

Despite regulatory efforts designed to make it easier for firms to formalize, informality remains extremely high among firms in Sub-Saharan Africa. In most of the region, business registration in a national registry is separate from tax registration.

Working Paper
20 Apr 2015

The Role of Industry and Economic Context in Open Innovation: Evidence from Nigeria

Using innovation survey data on a sample of UK manufacturing firms, Laursen and Salter (2006) documented a non-monotonous relationship between external search strategies and firm-level innovative performance.

Working Paper
25 Feb 2015

Characteristics of Entrepreneurs and Performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Post conflict State: Evidence from Chad

Using the third Chadian survey on consumption and informal sector (ECOSIT III), this study aims at assessing the relationship between the profile of entrepreneurs and the performance of SMEs in Chad.

Working Paper
14 Oct 2014

Product Market Price Integration in Developing Countries

Widespread empirical evidence of price discrimination in markets for goods and services suggests that national markets should be viewed as segmented rather than integrated. Yet, this research is almost entirely driven by studies of price setting behaviour in developed countries.

Working Paper
20 Aug 2014

Taxes, Misallocations, and Productivity

Misallocations of factors of production have the potential to explain a large portion of cross-country differences in productivity (Hsieh and Klenow, 2009). Yet, empirical evidence relating actual differences in firms' productivity to observable policy distortions has been scarce.

Working Paper
20 Aug 2014