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2nd Special Call for PhD Students, Deadline: 19 May 2014 - CLOSED

The 2nd Special Call for Exploratory Research Grant proposals from PhD students under the PEDL initiative is now closed. Proposals for the 2nd Special Call must have been submitted by May 19th, 2014.

20 Mar 2014

How Do Electricity Shortages Affect Productivity? Evidence from India

Endemic blackouts are a particularly salient example of how poor infrastructure might reduce growth in developing economies. As a case study, the authors analyze how Indian textile plants respond to weekly “power holidays".

24 Apr 2014

Micro-data on the full distribution of manufacturing firms in India, Indonesia and Mexico yields evidence of a missing "missing middle"

Although a large literature seeks to explain the “missing middle” of mid-sized firms in developing countries, there is surprisingly little empirical backing for existence of the missing middle. Using microdata on the full distribution of both formal and informal sector manufacturing firms in India, Indonesia, and Mexico, this study documents three facts.

24 Apr 2014

Does Managerial Foresight Matter in Microenterprise Performance? Evidence from Nepalese Microenterprises

Foresight aspect of micro-entrepreneurs and its effects on the microenterprise performance is a novel field of study.

Journal Article
1 May 2014

Microenterprise Development as a Poverty-Reduction Strategy in Nepal: A Multidimensional Analysis of the Factors Determining Microenterprise Performance

Microenterprise development is one of the most discussed antipoverty strategies in contemporary development discourses. Many developing countries have adopted this strategy to fight against poverty.

Working Paper
1 May 2014

Price Integration in Low-Income Countries: Market Structure and Retail Price-Setting Behaviour in Lesotho

This research note by Mamello Nchake and Lawrence Edwards (both University of Cape Town) summarizes the authors' stylised findings on price-setting behaviour among retail outlets in Lesotho using disaggregated product price data.

Research Note
2 May 2014

Political Reservations and Women's Entrepreneurship in India

This paper, published in the Journal of Development Economics (May 2014), quantifies the link between the timing of state-level implementations of political reservations for women in India with the role of women in India's manufacturing sector.

6 May 2014

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7 May 2014

High Interest Rates and Low Bank Credit to MSMEs in Zambia: Do Switching Costs matter?

Using data collected from a sample of small firms in urban Zambia, this project investigates the existence of switching costs among Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) when borrowing from commercial banks, and finds no evidence of MSMEs getting ‘locked in’ by their main bank.

Research Note
14 May 2014