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35th Regular ERG Call, Deadline: 15 November 2022 (CLOSED)

The 35th Regular ERG Call under the PEDL initiative is now closed.

Proposals submitted by 23:59 GMT on 15 November 2022 will be considered for funding.


10 Oct 2022

Even Soltvedt Hvinden

University of Tromsø

Sylvain Chassang

Princeton University

Russell Morton

University of Michigan

Eugene Tan

Columbia University

International Trade

Over the last four decades, many developing countries initiated reforms that have lowered barriers to trade.

27 Oct 2022

Job Search and Hiring with Limited Information about Workseekers’ Skills

We assess South African workseekers' skills and disseminate the assessment results to explore how limited information affects firm and workseeker behavior.

Journal Article
1 Nov 2022

Carlos Paramo

University of California, Berkeley